Kocaelispor and an ‘extreme Ramos’: a footballer falls from the convertible bus celebrating his promotion

Kocaelispor player falls off team bus

The celebration of the promotion to the Turkish Super League of Kocaelispor went from euphoria to fear in just a few minutes and It was very close to ending in tragedy. The team so far in second place this weekend managed to secure promotion to the elite of Ottoman football.

The celebration was planned to be in style and the team wanted to rent a open-top bus to tour the streets of Izmit. However, although the idea was good, the execution was not, since they did not take into account that on the route, the bus I would pass under bridges and through tunnels in which the vehicle almost collided.

That’s when the fear began, seeing that the footballers did not fit standing up and shouting they warned each other that they had to stoop to avoid misfortune. It was then that one of the players, Bahri Can Avci, ended up rushing and falling from the top of the bus impacting directly with the asphalt.

Fortunately, the vehicles behind They managed to brake in time to avoid running him over, living a few moments of agony and tension before the horrifying fall of the player. Avci was transferred to the emergency hospital, and luckily there was no serious injury to regret.

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