Juventus will be left out of Serie A if they do not leave the Super League

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli with his cousin, John Elkann, owner of the family business conglomerate that controls the Turin club.

Juventus remains immersed in a considerable economic and results crisis. After a horrible weekend in which qualification for next year’s Champions begins to be at risk, it is also not clear that he will be able to participate in the next league championship. Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), assured this Monday that Vecchia Signora, one of the founding partners of the Superliga together with Real Madrid and Barcelona who continue not to back down, will be “out of Serie A if you don’t accept the rules ”. A threat that the rest of the clubs that make up the League second and that will force the Agnelli family club to back down and publicly accept its mistake if it does not want to stay a season without playing.

Gravina was clear and did not accept nuances in the response of the club. “When teams ask to participate in the Italian Soccer League, they must accept the rules of international organizations. It is evident that, if Juventus does not accept them, they will be out of the national championship ”, stated Gravina at a press conference organized in Naples. “I’m sorry for the fans, who are worried, but for me the rules apply to everyone,” he added.

Juventus is one of the 12 European clubs that launched the European Soccer Super League in April. Andrea Agnelli, one of the great promoters of the failed experiment, was also president of the European Club Association (ECA), something that was understood as an unacceptable betrayal by the rest of the teams that were not invited to be among the 12 founders. Agnelli and Florentino Pérez, presidents of Real Madrid, carried out the ordeal, but they saw how nine of these teams were resigning one by one. All except Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus, who have not yet done so explicitly.

Juve is perhaps the most affected club and Agnelli, the president who has been most affected. His family, who own the club, are already looking for a replacement for him. A change that could favor the recovery of harmony with the rest of Italian clubs and with the Federation, which recently promoted a new rule, which will come into force from next June, by which clubs that want to register in Serie A they cannot participate in other competitions not recognized by FIFA, UEFA and the Italian Federation. “They are left behind clubs (Juventus, Madrid and Barcelona) that are more resistant. There is a very clear rule, a rule that specifies what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) foresees, which set some principles for FIFA, UEFA, the associations and the clubs. These principles must be respected, ”said Gravina.

The Juventus crisis, however, is not an isolated case. At least economically. Inter, who were proclaimed champions of Serie A last week, are going through significant financial problems and have been forced to ask their players to cut their salary. The club owes two monthly payments to the squad and is considering asking the players to renounce them. The joy for the championship has been short-lived and it is no longer even clear that Antonio Conte, the coach who has led the team to success this season, will continue next year. The coach has already left Juventus when the club did not want to invest in improving the squad in order to win the Champions League.

Players have asked to know if Conte will continue next season. Many of them will now have to negotiate contract extensions or downward renewals that they will only consider if they know the sports project and it seems reliable to them.

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