Juventus boss Andrea Agnelli declares Super League failed

The much-discussed Super League will not exist. This was announced by the main initiator and Juventus President Andrea Agnelli to the news agency Reuters to.

When asked if the competition could still take place after all six English clubs have left, he said: “To be completely honest, no, it is obviously not the case.”

Accordingly, the plans for the new elite league in European football will be discarded after the withdrawal of the six English teams. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has already opened the door for clubs to return to the competitions of the European Football Union.

Across from Reuters Agnelli stressed that changes in European football were still necessary and he did not regret the attempt to launch the Super League: “I am still convinced of the beauty of the project.” That would have created the best competition in the world. “But admittedly … well, I don’t think the project is still going on.”

He also revealed that other Super League clubs wanted to join: “I’m not going to reveal how many clubs have contacted me in just 24 hours and asked if they can participate. Maybe they lied, but there are a number of clubs asked what you have to do to be there. ” In his eyes, the threat from the British government to intervene in particular had moved the English clubs to withdraw – a departure from the Premier League might have been seen as an attack on Brexit policy.

Agnelli: “Don’t think our industry is particularly honest”

Relationships would change over time, he was sure that you could still talk to each other: “I don’t think that our industry in general is particularly honest, trustworthy or reliable.”

The English top clubs Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC distanced themselves from the plans on Tuesday evening. Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan joined English clubs on Wednesday morning, announcing their waiver of participation.

Of the founding members of the Super League, only Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin and AC Milan have so far waived an official withdrawal.

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