JP Morgan, financier of the Super League, breaks his silence: “We have clearly misjudged him”

JP Morgan, one of those responsible for the 2008 crisis.

The North American Bank JP Morgan, in charge of financing the Super League project, lending more than 3,000 million euros For the competition to go forward, he has spoken for the first time since he was associated with the ambitious and controversial tournament.

From the entity they have made it clear that they failed to judge the project and they have made their repentance clear.

We clearly misjudge how this operation would be viewed by the world of football in general and the impact it would have in the future. We will learn from her”, Assured a spokesman of the bank.

The Americans had agreed to finance the project, taking into account that they would have the support of the twelve clubs that first took the step to join the competition. However, the failure of the plan has not sat at all well on the other side of the pond, where they were willing to make a pharaonic investment.

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