Josep Pedrerol to Ibai: “Now you are very nice, but you are going to end up bothering you”

Ibai Llanos and Josep Pedrerol.

Josep Pedrerol was the guest of Ibai Llanos on his weekly show Chatting quietly. The journalist and presenter of The beach bar was talking with him streamer and both dealt with issues that concern them as much as the latent rivalry between the streamers and the conventional press.

“Now you are very nice, but you will end up annoying”Pedrerol told him as a result of those who think that journalism has to be fatal when players like Sergio Ramos prefer to speak with Ibai. “When I arrive The beach bar it also seemed to some that we were getting into their farmhouse “.

During the conversation, Pedrerol differentiated between two types of journalists: “Some make content that reaches people and others make content that is very boring. The one who criticizes the most has a lot of free time to see people instead of working ”. In addition, the license to give advice to the streamer was allowed. “If they start to criticize you, Ibai, you are doing something good in life”.

Without leaving the subject, Pedrerol also wanted to analyze the type of sports journalism that he does in his program and the path that the profession is taking. “The footballer does not go to sports programs. It’s curious”said the presenter. “But a journalist does not beg for an interview from a footballer. We can’t get to that ”. All this to conclude with a “You have to tell stories, tell them better than others and give news”, before breastfeeding with the exclusive that he gave at El Chiringuito by telling that Jorge Mendes, representative of Cristiano Ronaldo, had had conversations with Real Madrid.

About his work, Pedrerol showed his most positive side. “At El Chiringuito I am very happy. I think it’s the best show we’ve ever done. The best audiences in history. I think I’m in the best place “. In addition, and as icing on the cake, the presenter was honest to the maximum with Ibai and confessed his colors. “When I was little I was from Barça. Yes, I’m from Barça, although no culé believes it”. Something that he justified by saying that “there are people who believe that, being Barça, everything Barça does is fine.”

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