José Mourinho, next Valencia coach?

Jose Mourinho, in the Tottenham stadium.

Even if Jose Mourinho has not achieved the success it intended in the Tottenham and his last months have been marked by disagreements with various players, such as Gareth BaleThis does not mean that you do not have a large cache yet and you are already beginning to consider what your next destination will be.

In the first hours of the Portuguese as a free agent he has been linked to several teams, and one of them is Spanish: the Valencia. It is not the first time that Mourinho has been linked to the Che team, given his good friendship with the owner, Peter lim, and above all because Jorge Mendes, his agent, has his head stuck in the Mestalla club up to the top. There are already several British media that speculate on this possibility.

Javi grace will not continue next season, with total probability. Since the first day (specifically, from the first month) as coach Ché he faced the property of Valencia, who promised him some things that he later did not fulfill.

The chaotic Social situation, the disappointing sports drift and the exhaustion of the fans require a radical script twist, and Peter Lim has spent years dreaming of attracting Mourinho to his team. ANDThe big problem is the economic one: Valencia has its coffers shaking, to the point that it will be forced to sell this summer some of its most profitable players to balance the accounts.

In this sense, Mourinho’s high profile clashes head-on with the club’s financial reality … although the sporting one is not much better. They are in the lower-middle zone of the table and have accumulated four games in a row without winning.

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