José Luis Martínez-Almeida: “I’m about to pay a tribute to Barça in Madrid”

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid

Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida proudly carries his passion for him Atlético de Madrid. The mayor of the capital takes refuge in football to escape the concerns of the position, although the team generates others. The good time of the mattress set, however, keeps him in a good mood.

Part of that good moment is due to a footballer who arrived as a gift: Luis Suarez. After not counting for him FC Barcelona landed under Simeone’s command and it is no coincidence that they are now leaders.

“There is a determining element for which I am almost about to pay tribute to Barça in the city of Madrid, which is the signing of Luis Suárez. We will never be grateful enough“, jokes the mayor in an extensive interview in the magazine ‘El Club del Deportista’.

Almeida admits his devotion to ‘Cholo’, whom he thanks not only for his contribution to Atlético, but also to himself. “If he had not believed and worked, he would not have been mayor. It is a phrase that Cholo said when we celebrated the League in Neptune. It’s a motto that I follow. Another that I share is that you never have to stop believing when you pursue a dream; you have to try to get it. But don’t lose perspective either. Because, better go party to party to do the story of the milkmaid. Yes, in my daily philosophy, also in my performance as mayor, ‘cholismo’ is important ”, he affirms.

His red-and-white passion comes from his family, specifically, from his mother. “She was a huge fan. Well, she was not a fan, she was crazy about Atleti. My mother, for example, was in the final of Heysel (Brussels) in the year 74, when that legend of the ‘pupae’ began. She always inoculated that ‘poison’ on all of us. A crush? No, it’s a sustained love and maintained over time. And a passionate love, too. The difficult thing is that love is passionate and sustained over time “, he highlights.

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