José Elías, to the rescue of Laporta: one of the greatest fortunes in Spain, fan of Lamborghinis and helicopters

José Elías, president of Audax.

Joan Laportahas been appointed this Wednesday as president of FC Barcelona 18 years after his first inauguration at the command of the Barça club. An appointment that has been possible thanks to the presentation in extremis of the 124.6 million guarantee before the League.

An endorsement presentation that closed at dawn after several negotiations and whose maximum supporter is the company Audax Renovables, which has contributed 40 million to help Laporta return to the presidency.

A leading company in the renewable energy sector which has a turnover of over 1,000 million, whose president is José Elías, the holder of one of the largest fortunes in Spain; a list where you are in the top 100.

An unknown man for the soccer fan until this Wednesday, when they began to know each other details about the fortune behind Laporta’s endorsement.

Elías has varied tastes, although his fondness for Lamborghinis and helicopters, in which he often travelsAt the age of 44, this industrial technical engineer, a native of Badalona, ​​has been a member of Barça for just a year, which does not allow him to enter the Laporta Board due to lack of seniority.

Who will be will be Eduard Romeu, vice president of Audax, who will act as economic vice president in the new ‘Laporta era’.

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