José Bordalás: “I don’t order kicking or fouling, but the other way around”

After several brilliant seasons rubbing shoulders with the positions that give access to European competitions, Getafe once again recognizes the threatening feeling of relegation. His style and his football characteristics are more questioned than ever, but his coach, José Bordalás (Alicante, 57 years old) fiercely defends himself. Madrid and Barça are his next rivals

Question. Finding his Getafe fighting not to descend must be a feeling that he had already forgotten.

Answer. I never look back. For a modest team like Getafe, having four years of success is not usual. Success is short-lived. It happens to the great ones, how can it not happen to us? Staying up for more than three or four years is not easy. Only Real Madrid has achieved it. Liverpool could not repeat; Bayern, either. We are a small team that has spent three years in the top 8 First. A tremendous success, but one that is already part of history. What is happening to us this year is more normal. Our goal has always been salvation. By potential and by budget.

P. Why has this season been so complicated?

R. For the lack of goal. It costs us a lot. We create chances, but we lack definition. The protagonists have been changing season after season. The template is shorter. We scored more goals than we conceded. We have come to be among the least thrashed of the five major European leagues. Now we have Real Madrid and then Barcelona. It will be doubly complicated because they are playing the title. Despite the fact that the season is not being like the previous ones, we were able to beat Barça and draw with Atlético.

P. Why, even in its best moments, has Getafe’s game been understood and it has always been labeled as a defensive team, when perhaps it was not so much with its high pressure, occupation of the opposite field …?

R. The fans have understood that Getafe has been a daring, daring team. It is true that we have had less possession than others, but there is no coach who tells his players not to have the ball. It is part of the level, of the quality of the staff. We have had many virtues that have made us among the best. It is a pride that we have been a benchmark for a vast majority of the teams. There are many who have played the football that we did for several seasons and are getting good results. I do not want to use the word copied, but it is clear that we all look at the good things of the rivals and try to put them into practice.

P. They have also been identified with a very determined style of play. For example, being one of the teams with the least possession of the ball …

R. We are accused of it. In the end, you have to play with the squad you have. I would like to have a team that could have long possessions and that the opponent did not have the ability to take the ball from me. But we have the players we have. There is no one way to play soccer. This season, which is being worse, we are having more possession than the rivals. Now the teams risk very little against us, they are more vertical and we are taking the initiative. They play us differently because they know us. They get together, risk little and give us the ball.

P. It gives the feeling that Getafe always tries to deactivate the rival, cancel him, and then impose his virtues.

R. No. That is discussed and said. We always try to take the initiative, play in the opponent’s field and many times we cannot. As simple as that. We do not have that possibility because we are facing teams that have enormous potential and I am not only talking about Real Madrid, Barça, Atlético. I’m talking about Sevilla, Real, Valencia, Villarreal, Athletic, Celta, Betis, Granada… It’s not easy to play them.

P. Why have you said several times that Getafe bothers you?

R. What I have said is that we are criticized that are not real. And I am not saying this only for journalists, I am saying this for colleagues who have accused us of being a team that interrupts the game and then, however, you go to the numbers and the opponent who accuses us had made more fouls and more interruptions. It always seems that we are the most. We are the easy target. This is soccer. I don’t know of any team that is winning and is in a hurry to serve.

P. The statistics do indicate that Getafe matches are those in which less time is played …

R. They also point out other very positive points to us and, however, they are hardly said. In the last game we were the team that played the most in the rival field, that took the most centers, that had the most chances… It is a current against us that everyone has come to believe. Are these statistics only for Getafe? Will Getafe play against someone? You also have to look at that. Maybe in those games Getafe has proposed more and has not been responsible for the less time being played. What happens is that as Getafe is, we are already labeled that the fault is ours and perhaps it has been the rival who has committed more fouls, more interruptions …

P. The statistics also say that Getafe is the team that receives the most yellows (94); the second most fouled (503). That is unquestionable.

R. Of course, and I do not question the referees. This trend that we are a violent team has led to fouls being punished with cards that for others are not. Why? Coaches and journalists say it and when a lie is told many times people end up believing it.

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