Jorge Almirón resigns as Elche coach

In full amnesia of the victory Celta and Elche met in Balaídos in a match that was defined by flashes. The light of victory was lit by the Vigo team, which had not won in the new year, but which beat a rival (3-1) that has not added three points since October 23, has chained 16 games without winning and distances itself in eleven points from the Vigo team, an important reference for Balaídos’ team if it is understood that Elche will fight for permanence, a fight that Celta wants to avoid. After the meeting, the Argentine coach of Elche, Jorge Almirón, resigned.

Everything began to be defined in a seen and unseen. It was like a blink. Two flashes in which Iago Aspas acted as a muñidor, as a regista to orchestrate two goals that ruined the work of a hard-working Elche. The topic defines a psychological goal as one that is conceded immediately before the break. No definition is known when received in pairs. What Elche can attest to is that the slap is enormous. His effort went down the drain, that of an audacious start in which Lucas Boyé put goalkeeper Rubén Blanco to the test and in which the spaces were reduced to create problems for the circulation of the sky ball.

Celta was uncomfortable for a long time, disconnected from their attacking players, busy solving fires in other spaces, pressured by the faith of the rival, who sniffed the goal with a cross volley from Raúl Guti barely exceeded half an hour of play. By then Elche had already glimpsed that nothing was going to be easy: he had to spend two substitutions due to injuries to Josan and Mojica, something like two stab wounds to the sides.

The merit of Celta consisted of gritting teeth and struggling with the wear of the rival. And from there call the talent. That is why Iago Aspas interpreted that his match was further from the rival goal than usual. Moaña’s genius delayed his action radius a few meters and his team’s game became clearer as if a sunny horizon was opening up on Samil beach before him. Aspas showed it to Nolito, who packed two consecutive gifts, one to Santi Mina, the other to Brais Méndez.

After equaling two goals in the day before Villarreal, the surrender of Elche could not be expected. He scored five minutes after the return, in a bizarre action in which the local goalkeeper tried to avoid a corner and generated a goal from Rigoni. But he did not finish entering the party. The local team got one more march with the entry on the right flank of Solari, who gave the sentencing goal to Santi Mina. And six days later Celta won again, which in the next day, at the Mestalla, will have neither Aspas nor Brais Méndez due to accumulation of banns.

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