Joaquín goes to the cinema and will debut as an actor in the movie ‘Héroes de barrio’

Joaquín, during a training session.

Joaquin is going to start take advantage of his more ‘showman’ side With which he has fallen in love with the vast majority of Spanish football fans, regardless of the team they support. The player with the most self-confidence in LaLiga will make his debut in the cinema with the film ‘Héroes de barrio’, where he will do it himself.

Thus, taking advantage of free days given to the Betis squad by its coach Manuel Pellegrini, the footballer from Cádiz has been available to roll the feature film in different cities of Andalusia with the rest of the cast, which include Antonio Pagudo, Jesús Olmedo or Álex O’Dogherty.

This will be the Verdiblanco’s first appearance on the big screen after some cameo in television series, although if there is a screen in which it unfolds like a fish in water, it is the telephone.

Joaquín is one of the soccer players that causes the most furor when he appears at social media, as it was during the broadcast of the program ‘The island of temptations’, where the verdiblanco reacted while the programs with videos were broadcast on his account.

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