Joaquín confesses in El Hormiguero how Florentino Pérez and Raúl tried to sign him for Real Madrid … in the bathroom

Pablo Motos and Joaquín, in El Hormiguero

He promised laughter and the visit of the last footballer who has gone to The Hormiguero It has given laughter from the first minute. “It was like a pilgrimage to Mecca,” he began jokingly Pablo Motorcycles about the difficulty of bringing Joaquin Sanchez, captain and legend of Betis. “From the Eurobetis”, clarified the footballer as soon as he heard the team anthem, since they have been sixth and will play the Europa League.

But he went to the program in another way: to present a book. “Living with art”, written by him where he tells his sports career. “Who was going to tell me that I was going to come to present a book, Pablo”, he began to laugh. “It is a very white book. It is my life. I want to convey that nothing is perfect, nor easy, nor does it fall from the sky. But you have to put that art and that way of living that makes you improve yourself,” he explained.

Motos asked if it would serve Mourinho, to which Joaquín joked: “I am capable of making a joke when the book is finished.” The book has a self-help focus, for example when there is a defeat. “There is no time, because next week there is another game,” he explained.

More jokingly they began to throw pujas, as when the footballer said that he was a fan of the program and that Motos is very admired by him. “You are presenter number 14.”

Mourinho returned to the talk, because Joaquín was able to go to Chelsea with Portuguese. “With my heart in my hand: I turned it down because at 3 in the afternoon it was night,” he said with a laugh. Then more seriously he explained that it was a very nice opportunity, that he could have won more titles “or some more that I don’t have any.” “I’m building a house for myself and the architect keeps putting showcases on me. Put up a wall for the pictures, I don’t have trophies”, he laughed.

He was also able to play for Real Madrid, and in fact came to speak with Florentino Pérez in a very curious situation: in a bathroom. “I was with Raul, that we went into the bathroom together. Each one held their own, eh? And at that moment when he left he entered Florentino Pérez. At that moment, he told him to see if they signed the kid … Has he called you?“They both laughed.” Maybe a number danced to him, 3 or 6, “they joked.

The jokes were not lacking, of course:

After the jokes, and apologizing to anyone who might be offended, they played a game: guess if the duos that appeared were friends or partners.

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