Joaquín celebrates not going to the Eurocup and the arrival of summer: “Luckily you haven’t called me, Luis”

Joaquín, during a training session.

Although for Joaquin the years seem not to pass, their almost 40 years continues to perform at the first level at Betis. However, the footballer from Cádiz has not been with La Roja since 2007, something that does not seem to bother him at all, as he already admitted before Luis Enrique’s call for the Eurocup, where He admitted to being “somewhat nervous” … in case the coach “fucks him up on vacation”.

Once the call was known and having avoided participating in the tournament, Joaquín has returned to the scene with his latest publication on Instagram, “celebrating” his absence from the list and the arrival of summer. The man from Cádiz did it as always, in style and with a lot of art.

In its swimming pool, lying on a mat of what appears to be a giant flamingo, and with cocktail in hand, Joaquín celebrates having no more football commitments and is enjoying the holidays to the fullest, to the rhythm of ‘María Isabel’ from Los Payos. “Luckily you didn’t call me Luis“, he wrote next to the video that has already gone viral.

Joaquin renewed his contract just over a week ago, expanding his relationship with Betis for one more season, until the end of 21/22, on June 30, 2022.

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