João Félix: “I don’t want to be one of those with a lot of talent who is missing something”

In what may be the last appearance of Atlético de Madrid in this Champions League, João Félix has been placed in the front line by the club and by Diego Pablo Simeone. The Portuguese went to a press conference for the first time and his coach confirmed that this Wednesday he will start in London, where the rojiblancos need to overcome Chelsea from 0-1 in the first leg. Like a fighter before going into combat, João Félix relaxed his neck in circular movements and stretched his arms before beginning to respond.

The Portuguese seemed to take on Simeone’s speech on will and talent, although he did not admit that he did not make an effort. “Whether or not I lack the will, I don’t know, but without the will talent does not come, we have many examples of players who are very talented and then lack something to be top. I don’t want to be one of those. I try to put my quality and my will ”.

With another doubt in his answer, João Félix did not clearly admit that he is going through a bad time. “I’m happy and my family too, and like all the players there are not so good phases, I don’t know if I’m going through that, maybe that’s the way it is and I’m sure I’ll get over it,” said the Portuguese, who assured that the relationship with Simeone is good and that “shut up, caralho” that he released after scoring 0-2 in Vila-real was directed at Lodi. “You like to talk about things you don’t know. He was biting me saying that he didn’t score a goal against anyone, my relationship with Cholo is very good ”. João Félix also denied that he is not a player who works in defense: “At Benfica I had to defend, at the national team and here too, it’s something that needs to be done.”

“João is a very important player, of a very high level, he gave our attack a lot of quality and we need that player. Players go through different times when they are young, no more words are needed to add to the personality he demonstrated now that he has spoken. It has to continue growing, and it has to be complete, ”argued Simeone.

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