Joan Laporta fires Patrick Kluivert

Messi received from Kluivert the trophy for the best player of the month of March in LaLiga.

He already warned about it in the act of inauguration of the presidency. “I have come to command, not to make excuses,” said Joan Laporta as the new president of Barcelona. Ten days later, he has decided to take a new turn in the politics of the quarry, since Patrick Kluivert will not continue as director of training football when the season ends. In the same way, it will also renew the areas of professional sports and legal services, since it has abruptly dismissed the directors Albert Soler and Román Gómez Pontí.

The arrival of Kluivert – a former Barça forward from 1998 to 2004 – to Barça’s technical organization chart in 2019 was bizarre. It all started with the idea of ​​former director Xavier Vilajoana to unify the criteria and blur the division that existed between formative football (then directed by Amor and Bakero) and professional (Pep Segura). Then, it was decided to appoint a new training football director, even though the board persisted in the same idea … “You have to put someone in the media,” they forced. And although Vilajoana had other candidates, of the three who proposed him the best was Kluivert. Among other things because he came from exercising in the sports management of PSG. “His strong point is the experience and also the ancestry he had on the children’s parents. That and that he believed in the model ”, says a worker from the sports center; “But he was also unaware of how Barça worked. And, like most of the cracks, well he did not hit the day at the club working … “. Although it did formalize the renovations of the new generations to come, such as Gavi, Ilias and Alarcón.

Kluivert will finish the course and will later be relieved by José Ramón Alexanco, who already held the position from 2005 to 2010, precisely with Laporta as president (he started in 2006). The one who will leave immediately, however, will be Albert Soler, who arrived in 2014 as director of institutional relations and became responsible for professional sports. The same happens to Gómez Pontí, who directed the legal services of the club and who was singled out after the Barçagate explosion. The general director Òscar Grau will temporarily occupy the place of Soler, while Cristina Belloque will be in charge of the legal area on an interim basis.

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