Jesse Marsch explains to Rainer Pariasek: “This is almost not a football game”

Red Bull Salzburg defeated LASK in Klagenfurt 3-0 and won the third ÖFB Cup title en suite. After the game, Salzburg coach Jesse Marsch spoke about the high intensity of the duels between the two teams.

ORFModerator Rainer Pariasek asked Salzburg coach Jesse Marsch after the final whistle why less playful solutions were sought and why high balls were often used.

A question that Marsch had to smile about. “Have you seen a LASK Salzburg game in the past?” Said the 47-year-old.

“It’s almost not a football game, it’s just fighting, running and working against the ball. Every action has a meaning. We have so much respect for the LASK, duels with them have made us better,” said Marsch.

The last seven meetings in a row have now gone to the bulls.

Thalhammer: “It was a huge dream”

Captain Gernot Trauner spoke of an “absolutely deserved” Salzburg victory. “We didn’t bring enough ball possession onto the pitch if you want to win the cup. We had to invest a lot against the ball, we should have held the ball several times. If you just keep running, you’ll run out of breath at some point. Salzburg was the fresher and more mature team. “

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