Javier Clemente attacks De la Morena again after his withdrawal: “If he does not continue, it is because he does not even hear him”

Photo montage with coach Javier Clemente and journalist José Ramón de la Morena.

José Ramón de la Morena announced last Thursday night that he is leaving the radio after 40 years on the front line, being one of the great figures of the Spanish airwaves having made history on Cadena SER with ‘El Larguero’ and later venturing into ‘El Transistor’ of Onda Cero, where it has been for five years.

The news served as an excuse for the former Spanish coach, Javier Clemente, for relight the flame of controversy that he has already had with De la Morena for several years, and took the opportunity to attack him harshly after its withdrawal. In the Radio MARCA microphones, the coach assures that “if he does not continue, it is because he can’t even hear him“.

“He says he’s retiring because the program ends too late, but if José Ramón de la Morena doesn’t continue, it’s because he doesn’t even hear him. He’s a scoundrel, who cut off my mic in a cowardly way“Said the Basque coach, accusing him of censorship.

“José Ramón de la Morena is an uncle who I wanted to start the program thinking how it hurt me. In his book he recognized that he hurt me and that type of damage is done willingly, “he pointed out about his personal relationship.” José Ramón de la Morena lied about meHe said that I did not get along with my family and the relationship is the best. Now he says that I drink, that I am a drunk … and I am a teetotaler“he added.

“It is an outdated journalism, journalism of fear of athletes for a guy with an X audience to give you birth. Out of fear they go and treat him, “Clemente settled.

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