Italy: Doctor sentenced after cardiac death of Florence captain Davide Astori

An Italian doctor was sentenced to one year suspended prison sentence on Monday in connection with the death of Italian international Davide Astori in 2018. The Florentine medic had been charged on suspicion of negligent homicide.

Astori, the captain of Serie A club Fiorentina, was found dead in his hotel room in Udine in early March 2018 at the age of 31. Research had shown that Astori died of bradycardia, an extreme slowdown in the heartbeat. The doctor had attested that he was fit to play without any restrictions.

In addition to Fiorentina, Astori also played for Cagliari Calcio and AS Roma and wore the jersey of the Italian national team 14 times. His unexpected death caused great consternation in Italy. He left a wife and a daughter.

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