Isak’s injury is not severe

Alexander Isak He is already working against the clock to be able to reappear as soon as possible after having to leave injured, before the break, Sunday’s game against Sevilla. The Swedish striker was subjected to an MRI on Monday, as a result of which the club txuri urdin verified yesterday, through a Medical part officer, that of Solna suffers “an injury to the biceps of the left thigh, in the back.” He has already started to be treated through physical therapy.

Like they did on Sunday in the case of David Silva, the medical services did not specify the degree of muscular ailment of Isak, but MD you have learned that it is not a severe injury. This provides a slight ray of hope so that the Nordic’s convalescence time is not excessive. Imanol, on the same Sunday at his press conference, he only ruled out for the two games this week –grenade and Elche– and, although it will not be easy to get there, it may be excessive to rule him out for the two games next week, the last before the break. The Thursday 30 from September visit Anoeta the Monaco on Europa League and on Sunday the Real will pay a visit to the Coliseum to face the Getafe.

Key matches with the national team

Isak faces in the next league break two decisive matches with his team in order to qualify for the world from Qatar. Sweden will face at home Kosovo and Greece, on October 9 and 12 respectively, in two matches that, if they were won, would allow them to equal Spain with 13 points with the same games played (six of eight).

If he does not reappear before the break with Real, the Swedish Federation It can be found with the refusal of the txuri urdin club to be summoned, although the last word in these cases is always the medical services of the national teams themselves. From that point of view, and taking into account that we are not facing a severe injury, we must not rule out 100% Alexander Isak for one of the two games next week.

Has played 94 of 101 games

IsakFurthermore, it has shown that it has privileged genetics in the two years it has been in Donostia. The Swede, who this season was already absent from the league premiere in Barcelona, ​​has only missed seven of the 101 games that Real has played since his arrival. And, except last August in the Camp NouNone was due to injury since in the remaining six that he did not play, he was on the bench. This is the first ailment of some relevance suffered by the Nordic as txuri urdin, which also allows us to feed the hypothesis of a rapid recovery.

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