Isabel Díaz Ayuso, surprise guest at ‘El Chiringuito’ during the Cup final: “Always against Barça”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, at El Chiringuito

Josep Pedrerol and the rest of the members of ‘The beach bar’ received an unexpected visitor when they were in their ‘Inside’ watching the final of the Copa del Rey. In full rest, he burst onto the set Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

The president of the Madrid’s community took advantage of the fact that he was going to ‘The Sixth Night‘, whose set is adjacent to the Pedrerol program, to get closer “to see if they comply with the Covid protocol.” Díaz Ayuso was interested in how the party was going, and Pedrerol asked him who he was going with … to what the popular candidate nor he tugged at the usual political equanimity.

“With Athletic always, other than Barça. Always against”, he was sincere between laughter. “No, I’m kidding. Soccer is sport, but you always have to position yourself. People who say ‘no, no, me whoever wins’ and those things, no … Always in sport you have to be with someone. You have to get wet, “he argued.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso forms a curious football duality with the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida. The mayor is a passionate fan of this sport and specifically of Atlético de Madrid, something that has earned him great popularity not only among the rojiblancos, but also in a good part of Real Madrid for his heartiness and sincerity when it comes to talking about football. Ayuso, on the other hand, he has always confessed himself a madridista and in some of the derbies that both teams have starred in, he has not hesitated to don the white elastic.

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