Is Jose Mourinho bringing his dream player Marcel Sabitzer to Rome?

Only on Tuesday was Jose Mourinho (from summer) introduced as the new Roma coach, and the day after that the first transfer rumors started rolling in. ÖFB legionnaire Marcel Sabitzer should continue to be on the Portuguese list.

The RB Leipzig kicker was already considered a great dream player when Mourinho was involved in Tottenham. Nothing should have changed about that. How Gazzetta dello Sport reports, Mourinho also wants to work with Sabitzer in Rome.

It is questionable whether the Roma Sabitzer can really move ashore. The 27-year-old is under contract in Leipzig until summer 2022 and underlined his ambitions to change in previous interviews.

“The salary is not my main focus now. I’m well enough already, I don’t have to worry my head every day. I don’t play football to build money after my career, but for success. I’ve always been one Winner type and would like to hold trophies in hand, “said Sabitzer about SportPicture.

The Roma won their last title in 2008 with the Cup in the Eternal City, the last championship dates back to 2001.

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