Inter striker Romelu Lukaku praises world footballer Robert Lewandowski: “I love his work ethic”

Inter striker Romelu Lukaku has a Q&A on Twitter Robert Lewandowski outed as a big fan of Bayern Munich.

When asked which player is the best in the world right now, Lukaku replied: “Robert Lewandowski! I love his work ethic and the way he plays. He’s a real professional.”

Lewandowski was voted world footballer by FIFA last December. The Pole is also in excellent shape this season. After 21 games in the Bundesliga, he has already scored 26 goals, plus three goals in the Champions League.

But Lukaku doesn’t need to hide either, the 27-year-old Belgian has already scored 17 goals in Serie A and gave five assists on top of that. His interaction with strike partner Lautaro Martinez is particularly feared.

“Communication is the key! We have a great feeling for each other, but above all we work for the team,” said Lukaku, explaining the symbiosis with the Argentine.

Romelu Lukaku thanks Chelsea

Lukaku spent eight years in the Premier League before joining Inter. His first stop on the island was Chelsea, where he never played regularly and ended up at Manchester United via Everton.

He doesn’t have bad feelings about the blues, however. On the contrary: He feels “nothing but love. You gave me the opportunity to get into the Premier League as a kid. You can’t have everything in life and I can live with that. I’m glad that experience brought me there where I am today. ”

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