Inter improvises a boxing ring to solve Lautaro’s monumental anger with Conte after a change

Antonio Conte, Inter Milan coach

After being proclaimed champions of Serie A, in the squad of the Inter de Milan everything is a good atmosphere and they are clear that they will not allow anything to cloud it. Neither does the anger that Lautaro Martínez starred in last Wednesday when being substituted in the meeting of the ‘nerazzurri’ they will let it have a negative effect.

Antonio Conte replaced his player in minute 77 and the Argentine he left visibly angry, kicking a bottle of water that he had on the way and also provoking the anger of his coach, who asked respect for his teammates. Both of them they staged a strong discussion that the staff did not want me to go further.

For this reason, in the training session on Thursday the players and coaching staff improvised a boxing ring for Lautaro and Conte to settle their differences. With Lukaku as ‘speaker’, the appropriate gloves, a tape to delimit the area and his companions as fans, the fight was served.

Of course this it did not happen, but the reaction of the players and coaches, getting involved to solve the tension that could exist between them, shows the good atmosphere that reigns in the brand new champion of Italy.

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