Injured again with Real Madrid, Eden Hazard could miss the end of the season and the Euro

Eden Hazard Real Madrid
The Stations of the Cross continue for Eden Hazard at Real Madrid. Arrived in the summer of 2019 from Chelsea in exchange for 115 million euros, the Belgian accumulates more injuries than exploits. The latest could even deprive him of the next European Championship. Back to what constitutes, for the moment, a huge mess.

The Stations of the Cross continue for Eden Hazard at Real Madrid. Dribbler, scorer, gifted … since his transfer in 2019, the entire White House has been waiting to see him shine. Problem, he has not yet been able to prove anything in Castile, or really very sporadically. Since his arrival, he has multiplied injuries at an alarming rate, even suspect for some who have not hesitated to question his lifestyle to explain his frequent visits to the infirmary.

“These are things I can’t explain”, admitted Zin├ędine Zidane at a press conference before the Round of 16 return against Atalanta Bergamo, Tuesday March 16, and for which the playmaker is again forfeited. “He’s a player who hasn’t had an injury in his career, I can’t tell you anything more …” Real incomprehension or the French coach does not want to say more? It is true that Hazard’s first steps at Real had raised more than one eyebrow. Landed with a good ten superfluous kilos, the former best player in Ligue 1 with Lille (2011 and 2012) and in the Premier League with Chelsea (2015) was not in the best position to start in the white jersey, which was to be the peak of his career.

Hazard’s recent injury, a muscle injury to his right psoas, is just the latest damage in a list that includes tendon strain (August 2019), knee contusion (November 2019), cracked foot ( December 2019), a fibula crack (February 2020), a muscle blow (June 2020), an ankle injury (September 2020), a muscle injury (September 2020), a positive test for Covid-19 (November 2020) , a new muscle injury (December 2020) and finally a muscle injury (February 2021). It wasn’t so long ago that Eden’s dribbling made you dizzy, now it’s the reading of this list.

It is therefore not surprising that his performance suffers the few times he finds himself on the pitch. While he has only missed 21 appearances in seven seasons at Chelsea, Hazard has already missed 50 in one and a half at Real. The last exercise also looks more and more like a complete fiasco: 14 games played, including 9 as holder, and 3 goals. You don’t have to be as astute a businessman as Florentino Perez to realize that the return on investment, 115 million euros, is disappointing.

The most worrying is, unfortunately, perhaps yet to come for this still young player (30 years old). Eden Hazard must now, according to Marca, consider going on the operating table to treat his left ankle, which is believed to be the source of most of his muscle injuries. If the former Lille opted for this solution, it would simply mean the end of his season and an absence from the Euro. Which would be another brake on a career that is bogged down instead of definitely sparkling.

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