Iñigo Martínez resigns from the Eurocup

Iñigo Martínez, one of Luis Enrique’s fixtures in the last calls of the national team, will not be in the Eurocup by his own decision. The footballer communicated this to his club, Athletic, and to the coach. However, without prior notice, when the coach broke down the list of footballers who will attend the meeting, journalists were surprised by his absence, and at the press conference they asked about him. The response of the team leader caused surprise: “In the case of Iñigo Martínez, after this press conference a statement will be issued and it will be quite clear. I can’t say anything else ”, he settled.

After Luis Enrique’s evasion on the rojiblanco center-back, speculation broke out. Last Saturday, his coach, Marcelino García Toral, who did not line him up in the last game against Elche, appealed to the need to preserve the player, as well as the goalkeeper, Unai Simón, from possible injuries, precisely in view of the Eurocup. . The Alava goalkeeper has been called up, but Iñigo is not in the list of registered, but what could simply be a technical decision became a mystery with the cryptic response of the coach.

Minutes later, however, the reason was known: the player voluntarily resigned to play the Eurocup because he is not in physical or mental condition to face the challenge after a strenuous season, as the Biscayan footballer made known through his networks social: “These lines are very hard to write for me. The truth is that for some time I have not been 100% physically or mentally to compete at the level of maximum demand required by Athletic Club and the Spanish national team shirts ”, he assures.

Martínez, 30, explains: “After meditating deeply on it with my surroundings, I have come to the conclusion that out of honesty with those shirts and with myself, I must stop, take a step to the side to disconnect, recharge the batteries and recover quickly. the strength that has always accompanied me ”.

The footballer who communicated his decision to Athletic and Luis Enrique assures: “A few days ago I already transferred this difficult decision to my club and the national team, since I have been fighting all season to the fullest for my club and for the goal of participating in the Eurocup. I have left everything on the pitch for it, but I think that honesty is the best for the national team in this difficult challenge that lies ahead ”.

Iñigo Martínez has played 35 games this season with Athletic and the Spanish team. With the Bilbao team shirt, all complete, except for the final of the Super Cup, in which he was substituted already in extra time. With Spain he played against the Netherlands, Greece, Georgia and Kosovo. In total, he has played 3,268 minutes throughout the season, and in general, he has been one of Athletic’s best in almost every game. Due to Marcelino’s technical decision, he only missed the first two cup bets, against Ibiza and Alcoyano, and the last league clash due to the break given by the coach. An overload separated him three days, and a few tenths of fever made him fall, at the last minute, of the call against Sevilla.

His case is reminiscent, in a way, of Andoni Iraola, who resigned from Euro 2012, which Spain won, because he preferred to undergo a pubic operation that he had been dragging from long before to start the next season in good shape.

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