Influence struggles, negotiations, betrayal … To understand everything about the open war around the Super League

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As it prepared to formalize the reform of the Champions League on Monday April 19, UEFA saw some of the biggest European clubs announce the creation of a Super League.

The announcement of the creation of a Super League, which occurred on the night of Sunday 18 April to Monday 19 April, created an earthquake in the world of European and world football. By setting up a closed competition, twelve of the richest clubs on the continent wanted to pull the rug out from under UEFA, which was to announce the new Champions League formula on Monday, April 19. It is an open war which is declared.

UEFA leaders were spending a peaceful Sunday April 18 on the eve of a landmark meeting on Monday. After several months of discussion, the body that directs European football was to formalize the reform of the Champions League. The “most beautiful of European competitions”, created in 1955, and which is the one which brings in the most money each year to UEFA, had to be given a facelift with a new formula more able to satisfy the big clubs of the continent.

It has not happened. Twelve clubs (AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea, FC Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Tottenham) among the most important in Europe, have therefore decided to secede in announcing this Sunday evening the creation of a European Super League. A timing far from trivial and which says a lot about the significance of this decision. Visibly annoyed by the lack of cooperation from UEFA and the decline in the C1 audiences, these teams will abandon the latter to compete in the Super League, including “the inaugural season will start as soon as possible“as we can read in an official statement from Real Madrid.

It is also the president of the White House, Florentino Perez, who will be the big boss of this famous Super League, assisted by his counterparts from Juventus Turin and Manchester United, namely Andrea Agnelli and Joel Glazer. “In return for their commitment, the founding clubs will receive a one-off payment of around 3.5 billion euros intended solely for infrastructure investments and to offset the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.“, continues the press release, which adds:”Three more clubs are expected to join ahead of the inaugural season.

According to its promoters, the “Super League“will operate as a regular season between 20 clubs, fifteen of them (“the founding clubs“) being automatically qualified each year, and the other five benefiting from invitations”through a system based on their performance from the previous seasonAt the end of this first phase starting in August, end of season play-offs will be organized until May to award the trophy.

This new competition should offer these clubs much greater and more stable financial income, as it will ensure them a presence in the European Cup each season. A closed league project, therefore, to which UEFA had always refused to subscribe. Aleksander Ceferin has thus consistently taken a stand against this Super League idea, qualifying it in the past “selfish“and”foolish“Obviously, the UEFA president has misled the intentions and the voluntarism of these big European clubs, led by Florentino Pérez, the boss of Real Madrid, acquired in the cause of the Super League for several years now. So much so that the body of European football finds itself stabbed in the back, just hours before the decisive meeting on Monday.

We do not know, but the UEFA crisis room must have boiled suddenly at midday. Among the twelve clubs which have given their agreement for the creation of a Super League, Juventus de Turin, led by Andrea Agnelli. The latter, also president of the European Club Association (ECA) and member of the UEFA executive committee, had nevertheless taken a stand against the idea of ​​a new competition, evoking a “rumor“in the columns of Times last January.

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