In the name of the father, son and grandchildren

From left to right and top to bottom: Marquitos (with Murcia), Marcos Alonso Peña (with Barça), Marcos Alonso Mendoza (with Chelsea), Ramón Grosso (with Atlético), Paco Llorente (with Atlético) and Marcos Llorente (with Atlético).

When Atlético and Chelsea met in Budapest the other day, a friend typed in the wasap group of colleagues from the School of Journalism: “If I’ll be old, I’m watching the grandchildren of two who I also saw play” . It did not take me long to realize that he was referring to Llorente and Marcos Alonso. Of Llorente it is repeated a lot that he is Gento’s great-nephew, but less so that he is Grosso’s grandson. For his part, the grandfather of the current Marcos Alonso was a great player by the name of Marquitos.

Ramón Moreno Grosso, Grosso for football, it was one of the first products of the Ciudad Deportiva del Madrid, released in 1960. In 63-64 he was loaned to Plus Ultra, in Third, where he got fed up with scoring goals. That year Atlético was exaggeratedly bad. The expenses to build a new stadium (the Calderón) plus a storm of injuries and several bad rolls (Collar was in rebellion and Mendoza a little less) made him bottom after the 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th days. At the end of the first lap he was third from the tail. As the problems were up front, Atlético knocked on Madrid’s door and asked him to give up that young forward. The president, Javier Barroso, was a personal friend of Santiago Bernabéu since they were players. The operation was done.

He made his debut on January 12, 1964, the first game of the second round, at night and televised, in the old Metropolitano. The rival was Murcia. He scored in 83 ′ a celebrated Chilean goal, the 2-1 with which Atlético would win and begin their recovery.

Marquitos, by full name Marcos Alonso Imaz, was Di Stéfano’s great squire in Madrid’s glory years. Already thirty years old, he hastened his career at Hercules, Murcia and Calvo Sotelo.

As a result of my friend’s message, I remembered. The Murcia. Grosso’s debut team. I verified that that year Marquitos played for Murcia and that he was in the game. And that as center-back, Grosso, center forward, scored. So not only had he seen the two of them play, but he had seen them play head-to-head. Marquitos had a footballer son, Marcos Alonso Peña, who after settling in Racing, the solar home of the saga, triumphed at Atlético and Barça. To the chagrin of his father, Madrid did not want him. He was a brilliant winger, international in all categories. At the same time, he would have another footballer son, Marcos Alonso Mendoza, who did not work at Madrid either. He came to weigh in Castilla, but has made his career away, part in Serie A, more part in the Premier.

For her part, a daughter of Grosso, María Ángela Moreno, married another famous footballer, Paco Llorente Gento, who in turn was the son of a sister of the famous Gento (the four Llorente Gento would be great athletes. The first two, Joe and Toñín, basketball players; the following, Paco and Julio, soccer players). Paco Llorente, winger with prodigious speed, started at Atlético and jumped to Madrid in what was the first case of payment of the termination clause. He finished his career at Compostela.

Paco Llorente and María Ángela Moreno also had a footballer son, Marcos Llorente Moreno, to whom, what insistence! He also repudiated Madrid after raising him in his quarry, and here he is, triumphing at Atlético. And the intermediate generation, Marcos Alonso Imaz and Paco Llorente Moreno? Had they played with each other? I called the first one: “It doesn’t ring a bell. I’ve played a lot with him in the Madrid pool, where we used to go as kids. We were very family friends, we spent a lot of time together, but he is younger. I’m over Joe’s fifth. I take several years out of Paco ”.

I did not give up and asked a partner Ace, Diego Martín, to rummage through the computer, crossing names and alignments And he appeared! It was on December 14, 1986, in playoff league. Marcos was at Barça, Paco Llorente at Atlético. The match ended 1-1 and Atlético’s goal was scored by Marina in minute 52 when he converted a penalty for the demolition of Zubizarreta to Paco Llorente. Marcos played 61 ′, until he was replaced by Calderé, who made the tie in the 80 ′. Paco Llorente left the site to Julio Salinas in 85 ′.

So Marquitos and Grosso in January 1964, Marcos Alonso and Paco Llorente in December 1986, another Marcos Alonso and Marcos Llorente these days. Grandparents, parents and grandchildren face to face. Los Marquitos-Marcos Alonso, in a very direct masculine line, all three with the same name and first surname. The Grosso-Llorente with a meander to enrich themselves with Gento blood. All six have been internationals for Spain.

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