In light of the macho vexations of the former female soccer coach: “What you need is a good male”

The Spanish team warms up in Riazor before the Euro 2021 qualifying match against Azerbaijan.

Scandal in Spanish women’s football. The newspaper ‘El Mundo’ echoes this Wednesday of the complaints that several players of the national team they do through the book ‘Don’t call them girls, call them footballers’, written by journalist Danae Boronat, against whom he was coach between 1988 and 2015, Ignacio Quereda.

Sexist atrocities with which he addressed the players: “He pinched my ass and said: “Do you know how roosters fertilize hens”, It is one of the undesirable phrases that are collected in the writing.

“What you need is a good male” or “This is what he needs is to put a chilli up his ass”, The collection of humiliations of the national coach continues for 27 years, before being replaced by the current one, Jorge Vilda.

Marta Corredera, current Real Madrid player, tells the following episode: “I cannot count the number of times I came and I lifted my shirt. ‘Take off that piercing, it causes infections!’ He reproached me. So when I got to the concentration, I had to remove the piercing to tell him: ‘I’m not wearing it anymore, don’t pick it up for me anymore.’

Other testimonies collected in the book correspond to top-level international Spanish players who are active as Alexia putellas, Jenni Beautiful, Vicky losada or Vero Boquete.

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