Impressive photographs of Marvin’s leg after Machis’s entry into Granada – Real Madrid

Images of the leg of Marvin, Real Madrid player.

The hard entry of Darwin Machis to Marvin, youth squad of Real Madrid it will be marked on the leg of the meringue player. This can be seen in the images published in Gamers.

The impressive scar that can be seen on Marvin’s leg makes the fact that Gil Manzano he did not even sanction Machis with a yellow card. Quite the opposite of what the former collegiate would have done Iturralde González who stated that “It is expulsion and the VAR has to make him see it”.

Marvin’s leg shows a scar from knee to ankle. However, it had nothing to do with the injury that forced the youth squad to leave the game, which was muscular. “Marvin is a bit injured, hopefully it’s a small thing. He has something in the hamstring “, explained Zinedine Zidane after the crash.

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