“I’m just as proud as if we had won”

TO Imanol He was “annoyed” by the outcome of the match because of “how it was and because it was the derby” but, in turn, the coach was “proud of the fans and the players after the great atmosphere that has been generated and the great work that has made the team “. The coach ended his first speech saying that he hopes that “the fans are also just as proud.”

The Real coach, as expected, only had words of praise for Alex Remiro “who has kept us alive in the game and is having a great season. Football is success and error, it has made many successes and it has made a mistake, period and it’s over ”.

And it is that in the opinion of Imanol The party cannot be reduced to specific actions or controversy in the areas because “more things have happened than the two specific actions.” The one from Orio is clear that “although it has stung us, it has been a derby of the old ones, the atmosphere has been brutal. I am just as proud as if we had won because we have done the same. This is the way, one more point and another game without losing ”. In the end, Sheriff understands “it’s just a draw, there have been moments for both teams. The game was very close, the team competed well and had its options, “he concluded, recalling once again that although the leadership” is anecdotal, the 25 points we have are not taken away by anyone. “

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