Ilkay Gündogan’s bitterest evening with Manchester City: “A world will collapse”

One person’s joy is another’s pain: While Kai Havertz, Timo Werner and Antonio Rüdiger, three Champions League winners, will enter the DFB’s EM training camp in the coming days, lkay Gündogan will come to Seefeld as a loser. The 1-0 defeat against Chelsea was the second defeat in the final for the Manchester City midfielder.

So there he was again, with his hands on his hips and a blank look in the direction of the trophy, which he would have loved to stretch out towards the sky. After the 1: 2 in the final of Wembley with Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern eight years ago, the 0: 1 with Manchester City against FC Chelsea was already the second defeat for Ilkay Gündogan in a final of the premier class.

“It hurts so much,” Gündogan wrote the day after the setback Twitter. “Even more today than yesterday, to be honest.” In the German national team, some of his colleagues suffered with him on Saturday evening.

“I was very sorry for the boys, the fans and the club. I would have granted them this title very much,” said long-time city professional Leroy Sane at a media round on Sunday.

And Emre Can, who failed in the premier class final with Liverpool FC at Real Madrid in 2018, explained SPOX and goal: “A world collapses. It is the worst pain to lose a Champions League final. You need a few days to deal with it.”

Emre Can suffers with Ilkay Gündogan: “The worst pain”

The city professional – as well as Chelsea’s heroes Kai Havertz, Timo Werner and Antonio Rüdiger – will join the DFB convoy on Thursday, which is still preparing for the EM (June 11th to July 11th) in Seefeld until June 6th .

A joint onward journey to the dress rehearsal on June 7th in Düsseldorf against Latvia is not in danger, as the DFB announced on Sunday. Because Gündogan and Co. left the virus variant area of ​​Great Britain on May 27, they would not have to be in quarantine upon arrival in Germany. The Federal Ministry of the Interior informed DFB director Oliver Bierhoff about this.

Even their return to the island on Sunday did not change anything: Because they weren’t there longer than 24 hours, their trip was counted as a transit.

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