Ilkay Gündogan: “Klopp shouted: ‘Do what you want, damn it!'”

Ilkay Gündogan of Manchester City wrote in a post for The Players’ Tribune looked at the darker side of his career. In addition to racism, the National Pier spoke about the feeling of loneliness and told a crazy anecdote about Jürgen Klopp.

For the 30-year-old, it is not always an advantage that professional life is “99 percent planned”. “Every day you get a message on your cell phone telling you where to be, when and what to do. You can’t just get up and decide to go for a coffee. Every little mistake can get you into big trouble.”

Gündogan remembered this because of an experience with Jürgen Klopp, in which he made his coach “really angry”. Under Klopp, there was a rule at BVB that the team doctor had to be informed of any physical problem, no matter how small, before training. Once Gündogan had slight thigh problems but thought: “It will be fine.”

When Klopp got wind of it, he said angrily: “Why didn’t you inform us? You know the rule.” Gündogan’s attempts to talk his way out of the matter failed: “He shouted: ‘Do what you want, damn it!’ And slammed the door behind him. “

Half an hour later on the training ground, today’s Liverpool coach had calmed down: “I was expecting a lecture, but he put my arm around me and said: ‘My friend, do you know why I was so angry? You are me important, and I don’t want you to hurt yourself. ‘ I was shocked.”

Gündogan: “That’s Turkish. Do you think he can afford it? ‘”

After moving from Nuremberg to Dortmund in 2011, he had bad experiences looking for an apartment because of his foreign roots: “I heard people talking about me. They said: ‘Did you see his name? Gündogan . That is Turkish. Do you think he can afford it? ‘”After he had declared that he was a professional footballer, the attitude of the people suddenly changed:” And these people were immigrants themselves !! It was just very sad. “

In addition, Gündogan has suffered from loneliness for a long time: “I have the feeling that a lot of people think we footballers live these perfect lives as if we were in a bubble of happiness that is never disturbed”, but: “I have my parents and I haven’t seen my brother for over eight months. And the rest of my family for over a year. My best friends are far away too. “

This has not only accompanied Gündogan since the corona pandemic, but throughout his entire career: “It has always been this way since I left home at the age of 18. I believe that this feeling is inevitable as a footballer.” Nevertheless, he does not want to complain: “We are rich and famous, and we can do what we love. I would never wish for anything else.”

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