Iker Jiménez responds to Florentino and explains why young people do not get hooked on football

Iker Jiménez in 'Fourth millennium'.

One of the justifications for the creation of the Super league, in the words of one of its main promoters, Florentino Pérez, is the need to hook football to young people who, nowadays, are not fans of the beautiful game as was the case in previous generations.

According to the president of Real Madrid, the habits of boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 20 are closer to consuming products in Youtube or Twitch than to sit down to watch a football game unless it is important, so the birth of the new european league aims to increase stellar encounters and recover the youngest fans.

In the editorial of ‘Fourth millenium‘ this Sunday, Iker JIménez He wanted to clarify this Florentino theory and responded to the president of Real Madrid with the keys and why young people do not become fond of football: mind network.

“I was very impressed by the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, when he assured in the interview he gave Pedrerol that the key to all this movement in football, the gap that is taking place, is that young people no longer watch football, Y Trust me that I’m talking about the mind and not about football“, the well-known journalist began.

“It turns out that the mind, in a fundamental range between 16 and 24 years old, Florentino said that they did not follow football on YouTube and the console, but no. It is the mind on the network,” continued Iker.

And he explained the reason and what the network mind consists of: “It happens to all of us, our mind works in a network, it is increasingly difficult for us to be able to maintain interest in something specific, we usually group different content and go from one topic to another, it is increasingly difficult for us to spend an hour and a half sitting on a sofa consuming a program or a game “.

“Now almost everything is possible at the mental informational level and our brain has changed. It is difficult for him to focus. He prefers to watch a series than a long movie. Young people have other mental stimuli, which go much faster and are individualized“added the host of Cuarto Milenio who believes that” the network has come to change everything, for better or for worse.

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