Iker Casillas opens an official position in his new stage with Real Madrid and is not close to the players

Iker Casillas, in a video of the Real Madrid Foundation

The return of Iker Casillas to the Real Madrid It has been done with so little noise that very few white fans know that the legendary exporter has been exercising again for a few weeks with his shield on his chest.

Beyond some statements or a presentation, Casillas has barely transcended in the sports pages (yes in the heart pages due to his personal situation with his ex-wife Sara carbonero), and that is because his position at the club is not as close to the field as it initially seemed.

Officially, Iker Casillas is Assistant to the Director of the Real Madrid Foundation. For practical purposes, the ex-cancerbero is in charge of the social tasks carried out by said body and acts as an ambassador for the club’s brand in its various initiatives to help the most disadvantaged.

The latest example is the presentation of the ‘Sports Values ​​Academy’, a learning platform aimed at those affected by a disability or at risk of social exclusion. In the video, Casillas also looks the new Real Madrid shirt for next season.

Casillas was appointed to this job in December 2020, although in July it was already known that he was going to act as an adviser to Florentino Pérez. The context in which he returned to the club occurred in the midst of his own health problems and that of his wife, which made him spend a lot of time in Madrid on horseback with the Portuguese city. Since her marriage separation, she is back in the capital.

His work at the Foundation will allow him to be more involved in the day-to-day life of the club, preparing himself to make the leap to the board of directors and be closer to the sporting level, which is what he wants to do in the future. In fact, it was precisely this aspect that caused (among others) that he resigned in his attempt to present an alternative candidacy to Luis Rubiales in front of the RFEF.

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