Ibai Llanos hesitates against Kun Agüero for the Panenka penalty that the Argentine failed

Ibai Llanos, during a 'stream'

The good relationship between streamer Ibai Llanos and the Kun Aguero it gives certain licenses to both and causes public vacillations to come to light from time to time on the part of one and the other. The last one was that of Ibai to the Argentine footballer after the Panenka penalty that the still forward of the Manchester City and what made his team lose 1-2 against him Chelsea.

Both were participating in a game of roleplay from the well-known video game GTA and a friendly conversation turned into a trolling exchange in which the Argentine’s failure came to light. While put a third character in the position of choosing between footballers and streamers, Ibai and Kun used their arguments to defend their position.

“The worst thing would be for someone to be both. That would be unworkable,” Ibai said. “The streamer all he does is sit and chat and fuss, answered Kun Agüero. “The footballer gets up early, he has to eat well …”he continued, before joking that the streamers “later they don’t want to pay taxes”.

It was then that Ibai took the floor again to add something to Kun’s argument. “Being a footballer is a very hard job. You get up in the morning, have breakfast, take a Panenka penalty, you fail it … for example … you lose a game”.

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