Ibai Llanos explodes against a journalist after criticizing him for his interviews: “Call someone of your level, from the Kenyan third division”

Ibai Llanos, on ESPN

The success of Ibai Llanos and his interviews in ‘Chatting quietly‘with various football figures they continue to raise blisters, already arriving from the other side of the pond. Specifically, Argentina, where the ESPN journalist, Gustavo Lopez, did not hesitate criticize the work of the streamer as a result of his last interview with the albiceleste footballer of Juventus, Paulo Dybala.

López, who boasted of not meeting Ibai in the program ‘A good moment‘, he was outraged because he spoke with footballers like Dybala himself or Agüero. In fact, he criticized him for “to be at the fart (doing nothing) in the house all day “, for the money he wins and for being “one of the powerful” that players now talk to.

For his part, Llanos wanted answer to the Argentine journalist, visibly angry for the comments that this one dedicated to him, to which he also does not know. “It is precisely because of these videos that Agüero and Dybala probably do not want to go to their programs“Llanos began by mentioning, before explaining how his rise to fame was and remembering that” no one has given him anything. “

“If Dybala doesn’t want to go with you, lower the level, don’t go to a Juventus striker, go to one of your level, interview one of the Kenyan third division“, he added, before asking him to” leave him alone. “However, when the situation was most tense, everything ended in the best way, with Ibai intervening in López’s program and making peace.

In fact, he even had time to to joke with him, when asked which team he was from, after remembering his sympathy for Boca Juniors. “I am not saying which team I am from,” answered the journalist before Ibai gave him the tip: “You don’t have anything good, Gustavo. Not the team “.

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