Iaga Aspas: “I want to continue learning”

Iago Aspas celebrates a goal with Celta in Balaídos last September.

On the way to 34 years, the end of Iago Aspas’ football career is not in sight, as influential as usual in the Celta game even though he has not scored since December 30. For many days the goal of his team only bore his signature and it was said that this was a problem. “Now that I do not mark there is another problem too,” he sums up with reluctance. This Saturday (16.15, Movistar LaLiga) will try to break the streak in Balaídos against Real Madrid, which arrives without Sergio Ramos, the captain, down due to a blow to the left tibia after the last game.

Ask. Are Celta calmer than other seasons at this point?

Answer. We had good results in December and he gave us life to play more relaxed and enjoy the field. Then the start of the year was not good, but now we have three games without losing and we arrived quite well to receive Madrid.

P. They got up when they were bottoms and with the arrival of Coudet to the bench. Does a coach influence so much?

R. There was a two-week break and we worked a lot on their tactical concepts, we lost at the Pizjuán, but we left with a good feeling. Then the results came out and with the wind in favor it is easier to assimilate everything.

P. What does Coudet ask of you?

R. Let it be a free soul, loose. I can walk through the spaces that I am detecting throughout the game. Some forwards move little in the area and handle well, but I prefer to move a lot. I enjoy being free on the pitch and I think the team benefits that way.

P. Does that freedom lead you to play further out of the box?

R. It depends on the party. I try to intuit what can be better. If there are many transitions, as we play with two forwards, I have to go down to engage with the midfielders.

P. They talk about you as a coach, as a sports director, but in reality …

R. What I want to be is a footballer, to continue enjoying myself. And when I see that the head is faster than the feet I will step aside. I will continue to be attached to football, yes.

P. And will you use the big data?

R. I’ve heard a lot about it, but haven’t figured it out yet. What i see is wyscout [una plataforma de scouting] to see clippings of footballers and if I like one I mention it to the sports management, they give me videos … But at the big data I do not arrive.

P. Do they listen to him in sports management?

R. Sometimes yes, but sometimes not so much, hehe.

P. Were you able to leave Celta in recent summers?

R. There were many options, but I came back to stay.

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