"I was not prepared to perform at Real Madrid"

Omar mascarell (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1993) was passed six years in the quarry of Madrid. Came to debut in the first team with Mourinho and Ancelotti opened the exit door for him. He made a career in Germany and is now the lung of Elche. The canary analyzes for AS his first confrontation against Madrid.

Omar mascarell

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Has the anger of the canceled goal in Vitoria already passed?

It has not happened to me. It was a game in which we did not deserve defeat, but they are decisions that do not depend on us and we must respect them. I still don’t understand the play, no matter how much I have heard referees explain the play. But we have to forget those kinds of games and focus on Madrid. We have a great game at home, in front of our fans and we are really looking forward to it. We are going to leave everything to get a good result.

The competition is very even. Is it possible to knock down Madrid?

Soccer has changed a lot. Now it is much more competitive than before and there is no longer that abysmal difference between large teams and small or medium teams. Winning costs your life, but it is true that if Madrid has a good day it can destroy you. But we know that there are ways to hurt the greats and we are prepared to get a good result. We will have our options to win and one of the keys is to trust us and take advantage of our weapons. Madrid comes from drawing at home and needs victory like water, but we also after a tough defeat. A win would give us an adrenaline kick.

“Madrid have weak points and you have to attack them without mercy”

Do you like this Madrid?

I see a strong team that comes out fast and knows what it is doing. He has a great punch and high level players. It’s a great team, I like it and it can have a good season.

He spent six years at La Fábrica. Have you never seen yourself with real options to settle in the first team?

I saw it complicated and that I made my debut with the first team, hand in hand with Mourinho. Then Ancelotti arrived and I did the whole preseason, I was even in the United States on tour. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me, but there were high-level midfielders and they told me I had to find a way out. I was enchanted to England (Derby) to be able to grow.

Then Ancelotti closed the doors on him. Do you hold a grudge against him?

Not at all. I saw the decision as logical because I was very young. The best thing was to experiment and learn. It was good for me to go through England, Sporting and then make a career in Germany, where I grew a lot.

Is it more of ‘Mou’ than of ‘Carletto’?

In the end, Mourinho made me debut at the Bernabéu and I was able to fulfill my great dream. That a coach like him trusts you and gives you that opportunity makes you have a special and beautiful memory.

It will be the first time he will face Madrid. Is special?

When I was on loan at Sporting I couldn’t play because of a clause. Without a doubt, this match is special. I grew up in Madrid, they gave me a lot of affection and they treated me wonderfully. I can’t put any buts. I am looking forward to seeing my former teammates and I am looking forward to the game.

“In Madrid you live in a bubble, but that is not the reality”

Is it difficult to assimilate the exit after debuting with the first team?

It was not easy. When you are young and you are in a club like Madrid, you live in a bubble. You make your debut and you think you are going to be a star and you are going to spend 15 years in the first team. But that is not reality. The reality is when you leave Madrid, you go to another more modest team and you have to earn your place, overcome obstacles … That is where you can see the reality of football.

And why didn’t you triumph at Madrid?

I like the question. Madrid, at that time, was not given to me. He had spectacular midfielders and I was not done yet. I lacked experience and came from playing for Castilla. I was not prepared to perform at the best level in a team like Madrid. But I am grateful for my departure because going abroad made me grow a lot and I was able to work day by day to be the player I am now. I am proud of what I did in Germany. I won a title, I was captain of Schalke … If I had stayed, maybe I would not have achieved all this.

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Many when they leave Madrid think about returning. You di it?

It is clear that there are cases of players who have left and have returned. Therefore, one thinks that why can’t the opportunity come to him. You have it in mind and you trust that at some point it will touch you.

Who marked you in Madrid?

I coincided with a great Madrid, with Cristiano, Di María, Bale, Benzema … They were all there. But I stay with someone from the house, with Xabi Alonso. He played in my position and he dealt very well with me. I watched him train and play and tried to bring all of his things into my game. It was difficult because Xabi was a crack.

Let’s define the four Madrid midfielders. Camavinga …

A promising youngster who has done very well in France. He is very young, but I see many qualities in him, even with the ball. He can give Madrid the verticality in the game that Ancelotti lacks. It is clear that it needs to be done to Madrid, but it can give many joys.

Casemiro …

I coincided with him at Castilla. He was only there for six months and made the first team. Skills and quality were already visible. When he came back from Porto, I think he made an incredible leap, taking on stripes. He is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world.

Kross …

We speak of pure quality. Few have his vision of the game. I love it because it is capable of changing the rhythm of a match or winning it. It allows you to take control of the game.

And Modric …

I wish we could be at his level with his age. He is a super complete player, one of the most complete I have seen. Attack, defend, change the rhythm … It’s a master class.

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Has Vinicius surprised you?

Yes. We are talking about a great evolution in a short time, from one year to the next. Her qualities have always been seen, but I am surprised that she has reached that maturity so quickly and puts the team on her back. He’s on the right track and I think the club and the player knew where they were failing to correct. If it continues like this, it will make a difference for many years.

Some time ago, in an interview, you said that Jovic was worth 60 million. What happened to it?

I remember that and they have fallen from all sides (laughs). I don’t know what could have happened to him. I said that because I had him as a partner at Eintracht and the following year he exploded when I was at Schalke. I lived it up close and it was a spectacular year. Ball that he touched, ball that he scored. Lewandoski’s top scorer fought. It was logical that Madrid went for him. But not all players are made for Madrid and you have to know how to live under pressure.

What Mascarell is Madrid going to find?

I left Madrid having a good deal on the ball, like any white youth squad. I was characterized by that, but in Germany I had to change my football. There you find something else because of the physical and I had to get strong because the Bundesliga required it. I think that the Omar of now is a mixture of the quality that has always characterized me with the physical point that I have acquired of pressing and having a route. Germany was very good for me to improve.

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Real Madrid

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How big was the physical change?

It was not like those of Bayern, who in two months are animated (laughs). The change was big because football there forced me to do it. If not, it would have been very difficult to earn the position.

Talk about the physique. Do you have to run more than Madrid to win?

We must run more than Madrid, but also do well. We must be smart when it comes to pressure and when it comes to defending. We know where it has its weak points and we must attack them without mercy. I insist, we trust in our weapons.

Madrid have great midfielders, but let’s talk now about Pastore …

He is a total player. It is seen in training. He does not burn the ball and sees football very easy. For me that is the most difficult thing about this sport. He is a good boy, very close and with a lot of experience. He comes from a time without competing and has come to a place that is like a family, where we all support each other. When Elche takes the gear, it will pull up and have a good year.

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