Hushed up test results: Lazio has to pay a fine – club boss suspended for seven months

Lazio Rome and its owner Claudio Lotito have been convicted in the affair about the allegedly covered up test results of striker Ciro Immobile. The sports court of the Italian football association FIGC imposed a seven-month ban on Lotito, who has been accused of violating the corona protection protocol.

Lazio is said to pay a fine of 150,000 euros, two doctors involved in the case were banned from any activity in football for one year.

The sports court had initially demanded a fine of 200,000 euros, a 13-month ban on Lotito and a 16-month ban on the doctors, but deviated from it in its judgment. Nevertheless, Lazio announced that they would appeal.

Immobile had tested positive for the corona virus at the end of October 2020 and the beginning of November. In between, however, there were also negative test results – issued by a laboratory commissioned by Lazio. Immobile ran despite all the ambiguities in the league for the Romans. The focus of the investigation was the question of whether Lotito had instigated a friend who was the boss of a laboratory in Avellino to cover up positive results.

At least Lazio did not receive any further sanctions that would affect the sporting performance. Harsh penalties such as deducting points or even being relegated to Serie B would have been possible.

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