Hundreds of fans invade Old Trafford in protest against the Super League

Fans of Manchester United, England’s richest and most successful club, redoubled their protests against the owners with an invasion of the stadium that took police by surprise on Sunday. Thousands of people gathered to rant especially against Joel Glazer, the frustrated vice president of the secessionist Super League. The columns of fans gathered after noon in the vicinity of Old Trafford stadium, in the Stretford district, and outside the Lowry Hotel, in central Manchester, where the team gathered hours before traveling to the field to play the league game against Liverpool. The meeting, scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Central European time, was delayed due to the incidents.

The crowd delayed the departure of the Lowry players as hundreds of protesters poured into the stadium overflowing with the club’s security staff. The invasion threatened for an hour to suspend the celebration of the match for another day, but that did not seem to matter to the fans. United supporters have been expressing their disgust for the Glazer brothers, the club’s owners, for days since they announced two weeks ago that they had signed up for the European Super League conceived by Florentino Pérez and the JP Morgan bank to split from the Champions League. from UEFA.

“Millions to the Glazers, but when it rains the roof leaks,” read the sign carried by a fan, referring to the American owners, who also own the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, NFL champions, as well as the oil company Zapata Offshore, founded by George HW Bush. “This is your funeral, not ours,” read another banner, referring to the words of Florentino Pérez, president of the Super League, who declared that without the model that he proposed the football industry would die.

“50 + 1”, pointed out another poster, in relation to the proposal of the conservative government of Boris Johnson, to import into England the German formula of ownership of football clubs, which guarantees the distribution of the majority of the shares among the partners majority, in anticipation of unitary control by unscrupulous individuals.

Images from inside Old Trafford from Sky showed fans strolling through the grass, some waving corner flags, some playing ball, taking photos or throwing smoke bombs. The protesters took a walk from goal to goal before the hostesses finished peacefully evicting them, apparently thanks to sprinkler irrigation.

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