Hulk’s incredible physical metamorphosis during matches: he can lose up to five kilos

The Brazilian footballer Hulk.

The physique of Hulk it has always been at another level. It is not the typical physique of a footballer, nor is the evolution that he undergoes during matches, in which you can lose ten pounds over the course of 90 minutes.

After his signing with him Athletic Mineiro, Hulk is constantly monitored by the team physio to prevent the player from becoming dehydrated during matches. “You sweat a lot, although that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, the athlete who sweats a lot uses the most efficient mechanism to dissipate his body heat, which is through sweat “, explains the physio Roberto Chiari.

Precisely that body heat management becomes a plus for the player when it comes to performing on the pitch. “This sweat, when it evaporates, causes the athlete to lose body heat more efficiently. Then, Losing many pounds by dehydrating through sweat is not a problem, it just requires that we pay more attention to your hydration”, Analyzes a Chiari who confesses that this forces the team masseur to be on the edge of the field throughout the game with a bottle of isotonic drink for the Hulk.

The Atlético Mineiro physio also explains that Hulk recovers the kilos lost during the matches without any problem. “That the next day he returns with the same weight as before training is an issue that we can take well and he has no prejudices with that”.

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