Huesca clings to life after winning Granada

Huesca obtained a vital victory against Granada. Three points that allow Pacheta’s men to hold on to the fight for permanence and that turn the bottom zone of the classification into a hotbed. Three points separate Alavés, 16th, from Huesca, bottom, something that anticipates a war without quarter. Granada has a hard time fighting on so many fronts. Diego Martínez made up to nine changes in his team with the intention of refreshing it. Massive rotations do not usually give immediate results. But Granada is obliged to do so. The clearest example was that of Herrera. It came out in the second half and it broke. Many Granada players are on the edge and they are thinking more about the exciting European return with Napoli after the 2-0 first leg. In LaLiga the Andalusian team has suffered a downturn, having only achieved three of the last 18 points.

The debutant Quina scored a great goal at eight minutes and the plan seemed to go well for Granada. Huesca released their complexes and reacted forcefully, scoring three goals before the break in the face of the unexpected weakness of the Granada defense. Pulido was the soul of the local resistance. For the first time in its history, Martínez’s Granada received three goals in a first half away from home. The Galician coach reacted with the entrance of Machís, who revolutionized his team with his conductions and centers. Soro cut distances and Granada desperately sought the tie, with Germán, the center-back, at the front. With suffering, Huesca savored three vital points.

Forced by the results of the day and their delicate situation, the match was a real final for Huesca. Those of Pacheta faced the clash with 16 points, five of a platoon of rivals with 21, a figure that marks the permanence in First. Victory was the only local objective. And more against a Granada that clearly showed that their thoughts were on the European return next Thursday in Naples. Diego Martínez exercises absolute control on the bench. Only from that power can it be explained that he made up to nine changes in his starting eleven with the sixth place just six points away.

And the experiment seemed to go well for the Galician technician. Domingos Quina, winter signing, had shown a couple of more than interesting details in his debut as a starter. At eight minutes, he scored a great goal that left the locals frozen. Granada were ahead on the scoreboard, something that in the past was almost synonymous with triumph, since very few teams had been able to overcome the Andalusians with Martínez at their command. But times have changed. Little by little, Granada was diluted before the push of Huesca, personalized in Captain Pulido. Those from Pacheta left the complexes behind and began to play loose, clinging to the despair of those who have lost everything. On the way to recover, he was able to overcome an important setback, such as the penalty missed by Mir after a blow from his goalkeeper to Escriche. Granada did not take advantage of the gift. He stayed behind, without playing, with the defense turned into a flan. The details of Quina had passed away.

Escriche tied after a lucky shot and the gale broke out. Pulido made the second after a strategic move and Foulquier, forced by Mir’s push, still scored an own goal. Everything, before the break. The Andalusian disaster had been consummated before a great Huesca. The data reflected the collapse of a Granada that for the first time since Martínez was his coach had conceded three goals away from home in the first half. Similarly, it was the first time that Huesca scored three goals in 45 minutes of the match.

Diego Martínez went from anger in the band to reaction. He put two starters on the field like Machís and Jorge Molina. Granada improved thanks to the ability of the winger to overcome lines with his conductions. A center of Machís from the band was very well finished off by Soro before the departure of Álvaro. The 3-2 approached Granada on the scoreboard, but it was not an excessive burden for Huesca. Those of Pacheta defended themselves with order, putting their soul in every action. Granada finished with Germán Sánchez, the center-back, as a center forward, but he did not create a dangerous chance since Soro scored 3-2. Huesca took an important victory thanks to their reaction in the first half, with everything lost, and their job in the second, with players like Galán performing at a high level.

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