Huesca breathes in the penultimate minute

Portu, LeNormand, Monreal and Elustondo, after conceding Sandro's goal.

The Real Sociedad that dazzled with its football in LaLiga, has been transformed, and that metamorphosis to a less brilliant but more effective plan B, sometimes comes out a frog, as in El Alcoraz. Imanol has internalized that beauty is not always practical, like some bridge in Calatrava; that sometimes a good shot is more convenient than a fireworks display, but in front of Huesca the gunpowder was wet.

In recent games, Zubieta has come to the conclusion that yes, the fans love to see their figures combine, but that they are even more satisfied to win a Cup title or fifth place to secure Europe. Without renouncing the essential principles, of course, but it is that, almost always, the straight line is the shortest way. They followed him for 88 minutes, until they realized that a detour would have been more convenient.

The San Sebastian team continues to play just as well, but as in Ipurua the previous day, they worked the beans against a needy rival like Huesca, a team as neat as it is naive, that has very good intentions but does not get enough to play calm. His season is a sinvivir and he plays finals each week, but not one of those so dreamed of, of merriment and celebration, but of nervous breakdown.

As Imanol knows the state of anxiety of the footballers led by Pacheta, he chose to macerate the Aragonese in their own juice, from minute 1, when a shot from Guevara put the hairs on end to the local fans who watched him from the living room . Huesca played with ambition, but always with an eye in the rear-view mirror, because Isak was on the verge to take advantage of any hesitation.

The Huesca team did not have them, which sufficiently deactivated the Real midfield, and dry the sources, the forwards did not have the opportunity to show off their qualities. It is not that the home team wasted arrivals, because the clearest was in 38, in an action by Rafa Mir that destroyed Remiro, but the Barça players controlled the situation, facing Real’s plan B.

The second part was more balanced. The Huesca players began to show fatigue, and in that scenario, Real moved better, and at least, had the ball in the opposite field much more than in the initial 45 minutes. It was not lavished in the area, but it prevented the home team from doing so. The slope was inclined with percentages in which the Huesca footballers were choking, who no longer had the ball so much, of course, Oyarzabal disappeared, Portu well covered and with Isak more clumsy than other afternoons, Álvaro did not have too much work either.

The game was traveling towards a goalless end when, in a Huesca arrival from the left, Zaldua cut a cross with his hand. Sandro, who in his San Sebastian journey signed the settlement without scoring a single goal, was in charge of the lateral launch. He did it with a thread, between a swarm of defenders and forwards. Aritz Elustondo brushed the ball with the crown and misled Remiro, who was upset that afternoon when the ball embedded itself in the net. Real asked Rafa Mir’s positional offside, but neither Mateu nor the VAR considered it. Huesca won, he breathes First Class oxygen; Plan B came out a frog for the Real.

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