HSV legend Uwe Seeler deeply disappointed after missing promotion to the Bundesliga: “Couldn’t look anymore”

Club legend Uwe Seeler has sharply criticized the Hamburger SV team after they missed promotion to the Bundesliga again. In the 2: 3 defeat of HSV at VfL Osnabrück, he even switched off the television prematurely out of sheer disappointment.

“The team gives the impression that they have absolutely no desire to be promoted,” the 84-year-old ranted in the picture. The bankruptcy against Osnabrück last match day, with which HSV lost its last chances to return to the House of Lords, was the sad climax of a disappointing season for Seeler: “I just couldn’t look anymore. The players don’t really know what they are giving the fans and do to the club? “

“I’m deeply disappointed, I’m very angry – I was hoping that it would really work this time. For me the Bundesliga is really nice without HSV …”, said Seeler. After five games without a win, coach Daniel Thioune was dismissed at the beginning of May, and interim coach Horst Hrubesch could no longer prevent the disappointment with the once again missed promotion.

HSV is entering its fourth season in the second division, so the mission to promotion to the Bundesliga will not be any easier, says Seeler: “The money that can be put into the team is decreasing from year to year. The competition in the fight The rise of well-known relegated members is getting bigger and bigger. It gets more difficult from year to year to make the return. “

Of course, despite the disappointment, Seeler will not turn his back on his club. “If you can go to the games again, I will of course be back in the Volksparkstadion,” said the HSV legend. “I can’t wait to see my club play.”

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