HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. KSC (Karlsruher SC): 2nd league NOW in the live ticker – 0: 0

Hamburger SV hosts Karlsruher SC in the 2nd Bundesliga today. It is a catch-up game from matchday 30. Here you can follow the 90 minutes in the live ticker.

In the fight for promotion to the Bundesliga, Hamburger SV can regain a little calm and new self-confidence after four consecutive matches without a win. The Rothosen meet in the catch-up game on matchday 30 against Karlsruher SC. In the live ticker of SPOX nothing escapes you.

16 .: Hunt pulls from the half-left in the penalty area from about 20 meters. The HSV star does not hit the ball optimally and so the left-hand shot clearly goes right past the goal.

14 .: Karlsruhe’s Wimmer now has to be dealt with on the field. The defender has a bloody nose that needs medical attention after Narey’s high leg.

13 .: Hamburg’s Narey sees the first yellow card of today’s encounter for a high leg against Wimmer.

The highlights from HSV – KSC today 40 minutes after the final whistle on DAZN – now complete a free trial month

7 .: Kittel crosses the ball from the left of the penalty area to the five meter area. There Terodde extended the ball with the back of his head towards the right corner. The goalscorer’s ball just misses the box.

6 .: Karlsruhe’s Goller storms halfway up to the opposing penalty area, where the offensive player takes too long and so van Drongelen can just get the leather.

3 .: In the first minutes of the encounter between Hamburger SV and Karlsruher SC there is a classic palpation.

1.: It starts in Hamburg.

Before start: The current table eighth is visiting the Hanseatic city today with the KSC. Perhaps a very good opponent for Hamburg, because the Baden-Württemberg team have not been successful for six games in a row (five draws, one defeat).

Before start: HSV’s goal of being promoted again as quickly as possible after relegating the Bundesliga in 2018 is in danger of being missed for the third year in a row. But it’s not all evening yet. After four consecutive games without a win, Hamburger SV is in third place in the table, which would lead to relegation. The gap to Greuther Fürth (2nd) is six points, the lead over Holstein Kiel, which has currently played two games less, is one point.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. KSC (Karlsruher SC): 2nd league NOW in the live ticker – kick-off

Sky owns the broadcasting rights for the 2nd Bundesliga. Accordingly, you can only see the encounter between HSV and KSC today on the pay TV broadcaster.

To be able to follow the 90 minutes, offers Sky You also have the option of a live stream. You have access to this via Sky Go and Sky ticket.

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