Holstein Kiel continues to dream: “We have to shake ourselves”

After a 45-minute humiliation, Fin Bartels stood completely at a loss for the interview. “If you are 5-0 down at halftime, then you ask yourself: What are you doing here in Dortmund in the semifinals?”, The veteran from Holstein Kiel complained after the “extremely sobering” cup evening at BVB: “You are driving here home with such a slide. “

However, since the past few weeks with two corona quarantines were more like a roller coaster, coach Ole Werner was gracious to his team. “We got through what no other team in Germany had to go through,” emphasized Werner: “We won’t take any permanent damage with us.”

The cup fairy tale of the Bayern conqueror may have ended with horror in the semi-finals – but Kiel continues to dream: In the extremely tight second division sprint it is about promotion to the Bundesliga. Holstein can already take the next step on Tuesday (6.30 p.m. in LIVETICKER) against SV Sandhausen.

“At first it’s difficult,” said Bartels, “we were hoping to at least take a look at it.” But there was also a lack of attitude and toughness, as the 35-year-old criticized: his team committed four fouls in 90 minutes.

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