Higuaín gives everything singing ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi before his Inter Miami teammates

Gonzalo Higuaín singing 'Despacito'

Many concentrations of soccer teams end, it is not known very well why, with players singing. Either as payment for a hazing, or for a celebration, or for simple boredom, it is not uncommon for goalkeepers, wood defenders or striker scorers to bring out the artist within them.

The last to do so was Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentine usually makes a lot of costumes in the teams where he plays, which makes him get along well with his teammates for the most part. For that it takes a lot sense of humor and little of the ridiculous, something that he demonstrated in the dining room along with the rest of the Inter Miami.

Challenged by the other footballers, Higuaín took the mic to sing one of the most popular songs in the world, which broke all the records of reproductions on YouTube: the well-known ‘Despacito’, by Luis Fonsi.

The result speaks for itself:

Higuaín has been in the focus of criticism from the fans for his form and appearance. He returned to Inter Miami training slightly overweight, with a thick beard covering his face and a fully shaved head.

Little by little he has been gaining shape and has started to work normally under the orders of his coach, Phil Neville, to prepare for the season of MLS which starts in April.

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