Hertha sports director Friedrich sees no distortion of competition

For sports director Arne Friedrich from Hertha BSC, the club’s two-week quarantine in the relegation battle will not distort competition. “No, I don’t see that,” said the former international in the current sports studio of the ZDF.

“Of course it is a very difficult situation,” said Friedrich, but the club finally “put itself into this situation in tabular form”. Three Hertha games were canceled after several positive corona tests. In the final sprint, the Berliners, who were the first Bundesliga team to have to go into complete isolation, only have a few breaks.

“It is clear to us that it will be a tough program,” said Friedrich, the 41-year-old still wants to think positively. “The fact is: we will be in quarantine for 14 days. We are trying to make the best possible out of this situation.” A possible lawsuit in the event of relegation is currently not an issue: “We haven’t even thought about that yet.”

Hertha must now “do everything to keep fitness up. All those affected are doing well” according to the circumstances. With Rune Jarstein, we have a player who has been hit hardest. He’s doing better now too. With the others, the gradients are weaker. “

The table-16. I do everything “to comply with the guidelines,” said Friedrich: “You can’t prevent everything. The players have families and children. I definitely do not assume negligence. The players are sensitized.”

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