“He will never win the Champions League with Messi, he is out for a walk”

There have been numerous criticisms of Leo Messi after the match between Manchester City and the PSG of the Champions League (2-1). One of them was from the former Liverpool Jamie Carragher in ‘Paramount Plus’.

“You will never earn Champions with Messi, is out for a walk. The four teams that I think can win the Champions League they do not carry a single passenger on the team. The PSG has three, has absolutely no chance of winning the Champions“, he claimed.

He also criticized Messi. “It frustrates me to see Mbappe more than another. I can almost understand Messi, he is 34 years old, but Mbappe He’s 22. He should be running backwards and back to helping his teammates. That thing to walk by the field is not for me “.

And he ended by commenting that “Pochettino has to leave the club. If he has the opportunity to go to Manchester United, I would go tomorrow. And it’s because of its three stars. “

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