Hansi Flick on the DFB: “Still things to be clarified”

After saying goodbye to the soccer record champions Bayern Munich, Hansi Flick was confident about a future as national coach, but was still waiting. “These are good conversations. I know what I have at the DFB,” said the 56-year-old Sports buzzer: “There are still things to be clarified. It has nothing to do with me, these are other things. When they are clarified, it looks good.”

Most recently, Spanish media reported that the ailing big clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid would also try to get Flick. “I’ve always managed to keep silent about these things,” he said, but added: “I want to learn a new language. Because I like it. I’ve already started with Spanish. But that’s not the case easy.”

National coach Joachim Löw, whose assistant he was for eight years at the height of the 2014 World Cup triumph, trusts Flick to “get a lot out of the team” at the European Championships (June 11th to July 11th) if he’s a good one Preparation has “.

Flick, who led FC Bayern to seven titles as head coach in a good year and a half, will leave Munich in the medium term and “return to Heidelberg to base. Even if I liked Munich very much, my wife did very well in the end.”

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